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    Welcome to SpeedyGrl.com ;)

    "Knowledge is of two kinds: you know a subject yourself, or you know where you can find information on it."
    Bookmark the site now, if you haven't already. I love it when people come back..;)

    August 16th 2012:

    Hi! :)

    I won't be reading my emails for a while, so no real point sending me any mail. ;)

    You'd think justice would be fair, but how fair is it to send someone to prison for 70 YEARS for stealing a, get this ... sandwich.... This is just too much. I encourage everyone to read it, and think about it for a minute: Click here.

    Games and gaming sites
    Houseplans and dream home design

    General Stuff about the site..;)
    I've tried to make sure the site is as "clean" and "to the point" as possible, since the thousands of visitors I get every day don't come here to see the latest webdesign or "ghettofabulous" flashpages, but to get info, fast and easy. That's why the page doesn't contain any irrelevant images or scripts etc. ;)

    Do you have any ideas about what you'd like to see on here that isn't currently a part of the site? Don't hesitate: CONTACT ME. If it's a good idea, I'll use it and I do give credit where credit is due. :) Again, PLEASE NOTE: I get a lot of spam-mail, so add the link to my site in the topic, so I see that it's a real email and not spam....thanks ;) I really appreciate any and all help I get with keeping the site as useful and up to date as is possible, not to mention all the great feedback...I love it! ;)


    Enjoy your stay...;)

    speedy 'at' speedygrl.com

    Shoutouts ......and a lookup if you can't find the right words ;) (Just hit the back-button to get back here when you're done)

    The shoutouts:

    Thank you to mza and Iggie for the hosting over the past few years, jhh for the hosting previously for a couple of years, and to Doxavg and Genocide of the Genocide2600-group as well, for the hosting they've provided for my site for over 3 years...It's much appreciated..:)

    Also a big thank you to sil for the hosting of my other sites....I appreciate it a lot! :)

    Also, greets to ALL my friends online, and to ALL the visitors to the site that keep coming back over and over again...:) There are currently an average of 30 000 people/day on the site. ;)

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